Cheryl Ogolin

The Lodge Group Exercise Team
Title: Group Exercise Instructor
Cheryl Ogolin 2

St. Louis, MO

Why I got involved in Group Fitness
I was an avid group exercise class participant for years when an instructor approached me about getting certified to teach. I love BODYPUMP and teaching, so I decided to go to the training, thinking it would allow me the chance, should I ever want to teach a class, to do so. After that weekend training, I was itching to get my own class. I since became certified in two other programs and love them all equally.  

What motivates me to keep in shape
I recognize that working out is a celebration of what my body can do, not a punishment for what I eat or if I'm inactive. I know that exercise is good for me, and I get excited about working out. I don't see it as another task or chore; I see it as a way to challenge, strengthen, and empower myself. 

Why my class is unique
My classes are unique because I have so much fun teaching and working out! I always try to make people smile, laugh, and push themselves to achieve the goals they've set for themselves. It's always about becoming better than you were before, not competing with the other people in the room!


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