Fitness & Wellness

Fitness Center

Please find a current list of the equipment in our Fitness Center.  Click on any hyperlinks to watch a video on how to maximize use of each piece of equipment (more coming soon)!


1 Stretch Cage by True Fitness


Personal Viewing Screens - 44 of 49 cardio machines have their own personal viewing systems
1 Track - approximately 1/10 mile for walking/running 
2 Rowers by Concept2
1 Upper Body Ergometer by Technogym
3 Spin Bikes by STAGES
2 Upright Bikes by Precor
3 Upright Bikes by Life Fitness
2 Recumbent Bikes by Life Fitness
3 Recumbent Bikes by Precor
3 Adaptive Motion Cross Trainers by Precor
2 Arc Trainers by Cybex
4 Ellipticals by True 
10 Ellipticals by Precor
2 Lateral Ellipticals by Octane
3 Stepmills by Life Fitness
4 Treadmills by Life Fitness
4 Treadmills by True 
2 Treadmills by Free Motion


Free Weights

Decline Ab Bench
Back Extension 
Decline Bench Press
Flat to Incline Bench Press
Dumbbell Rack (2.5 - 100 lbs)
Fixed Barbell Rack (15 - 55 lbs)
Low Row / Lat Pull Down Combo
FLEX Leg Extension
2,650 lbs in Various Weight Plates
Pull Up/Dip Station
Squat Press
Utility Benches (7)
Standing Preacher Curl
Smith Machine 
2 Half Racks
5 Olympic Barbells
Kettlebells 10 - 45 lbs

Life Fitness  Strength Circuit

Vertical Chest Press
Abdominal Crunch
Vertical Row
Functional Trainers (3)
Adductor (Inner Thigh)
Low Back
Leg Press
Abductor (Outer Thigh)
Seated Leg Curl
Lat Pull Down   

Free Motion Strength Circuit

Chest - Shoulder Press
Abdominal - Bicep
Lift - Step
Lat Pull - High Row
Quad - Ham