Brine System

Project Summary

MoDOT, St. Louis County, and many surrounding municipalities have been applying brine to their streets to battle winter weather for years. You may have noticed the lines, especially on bridges, prior to bad weather. Simply put, saltwater is sprayed onto the pavement in advance of a winter storm, and keeps snow/ice from bonding to the road. Brine allows for pre-treatment, since the saltwater sticks to the pavement, whereas salt bounces and gets kicked to the side of the road by traffic. Brine also reduces the amount of salt needed, making it a great economical and environmental solution. The equipment we intend to purchase will allow us to mix, store, and apply brine. With reduced salt usage, it should pay for itself within a few years. This purchase was originally budgeted for 2020, but was delayed based upon the anticipated budget shortfalls related to COVID-19. In conjunction with this project, we will replace the 20+ year-old plastic tank containing Calcium Chloride with a new double-walled tank, in order to comply with environmental regulations. Calcium Chloride can be added to rock salt to make it more effective at lower temperatures.

Project Schedule and Update

Brine mixing and application equipment was bid out in March and awarded at the 4/12 Board meeting.  Storage tanks are being purchased through a cooperative purchasing agreement after being approved at the 4/12 Board meeting. 

Last Updated 4/14/2021