Bent Brook Ct Reconstruction

Project Summary

Typically, the City replaces approximately 150 concrete street slabs under contract.  City crews replace additional slabs on an emergency basis.  The City marks the locations to be removed and replaced, then the contractor performs the work.  

Please note that neither the existing nor new concrete is "colored" concrete.  While there is some limestone-based concrete around the city, most of the concrete contains Meramec sand and gravel, which provides the orange/brown look. While the new concrete initially appears to be a bright white, over time, the color mellows and the top layer of cement wears off, revealing the brown sand and gravel underneath.

Due to the significant cost of the Fairoyal Drive Reconstruction Project and other budget reductions, this year’s Slab Replacement Project was scaled back. The street identified for repairs was Bent Brook Court. All of Bent Brook Court was removed and replaced this summer. Seven bids were opened 3/2, and the low bidder was Spencer Contracting. Their contract was approved by the Board of Aldermen at their 3/8 meeting. Work occurred in May.

Project Update and Schedule

This project has been completed

Last updated 8/16/21