Topping Lane Improvements

Project Summary
In 2016, improvements to Topping Lane were designed, with input from residents.  Drainage repairs were made at specific locations in 2017.  In 2018, concrete curbs will be added and the street will be overlaid with asphalt

Project Update and Schedule

Spencer paved most of the surface course on Friday 10/5 and finished up the morning of Monday 10/8.  They had a crew on-site to perform final grading beginning Thursday 10/18 and Friday 10/19. Sod was installed Monday 10/22.  A punchlist will be generated, and Spencer will make final repairs.

Thank you for your patience throughout this project.  The amount of positive feedback from residents has been overwhelming, and it makes our job much easier when residents support the project.

Updated 10/26/18

Topping-North End

Topping-South End